March 17, 2016

Barossa Valley - AustraliaBarossa Valley - Australia Barossa Valley - Australia Barossa Valley - Australia

Although we loved our time in Australia and the Barossa Valley wine country was gorgeous, we recommend that if you’re traveling to Australia for vacation, that your time and money would be better spent exploring the cities and the beautiful beaches and coastline. If you’re looking to travel for a luxury wine experience, we recommend Stellenbosch in South Africa, or for a little closer to home, Napa Valley, California. Barossa is beautiful, but if you’re not a serious wine enthusiast or if you’re traveling a far distance for that reason alone, we recommend for a trip well spent that you stay closer to the major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, and for the beach, Hamilton Island.

Our stay | The Louise | Barossa Valley – South Australia

Photography | The Grovers | @aimeegrover + @troygrover


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