May 4, 2016

Tyler and I have become pros when it comes to flying. Having the right travel essentials adds ease, and that little bit of added comfort. As most of you well know, flying takes a major toll on your body. Since most of our lives are spent on planes, we thought we would share some of our  tips, tricks and favorite travel accessories that we’ve picked up along the way.

Travel AdviceFor the next few weeks Tyler and I have some crazy back and forth traveling ahead of us.  I’m writing some tips as a reminder to myself of what I need to stay organized for the crazy traveling to and from Cali and Texas and Nashville… Weddings, graduations, and the new Dig Your Roots tour starting up next week! And lastly, something I’m really looking forward to is a Lululemon Immersion retreat!


Water. Water. Water. Dehydration is very common for flyers, and I recommend drinking a lot of water before, during, and after the flight.  When I get on a flight, one of the first things I tell the flight attendant is to keep the waters coming!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but alcohol is the last thing your body actually wants when you’re flying. Don’t get me wrong, a glass of bubbly for a special occasion is fine, but it’s best to just save it for when you reach your final destination. Also, I apply Avéne Water spray and moisturizer during every flight. The low humidity in the cabin tends to dry out my face, and can cause serious dry eyes, especially for contact users. Whatever you do, don’t forget… Water. Water. Water!

Travel AdviceBe prepared. We can never predict a delayed flight, or worst case, a canceled flight, and then unfortunately be stranded without any of your personal and daily necessities. What a nightmare. That’s why for every flight, no matter how long or short, I always pack the following in my Tumi backpack… Yes, I carry a men’s backpack. HA!

– Cozy pair of socks – So I have the option to take my shoes off and get comfortable – or keep my toes warm on days I wear sandals!

– Daily Moisturizer – SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 moisture-enhancing gel

– IMAGE Lip enhancement complex – I have this everywhere: My car, every purse, my bedside table, my closet, my bathroom, one of the kitchen drawers, my office, you name it. This is a MUST when traveling.

Silk eye mask

Bose noise canceling headphones 

EO products + hand sanitizer 

Cosabella undies

– Toothbrush – Nobody enjoys morning breath

– Makeup essentials – For a quick freshen up, especially after those long flights

– Deodorant

And last but not least pack some healthy snacks:

– Apple

– Nuts + pumpkin & sunflower seeds

– Water bottle

Also to help pass the time, remember to download the latest from your fave episodes! Right now I’m listening to The Beauty Detox audiobook by Kimberly Snyder.

Avoid illness. Did you know that roughly 50 percent of the air in the cabin is recycled? If you’re someone prone to illness, it’s best to be extra cautious when flying. On a recent flight, I noticed a man wearing a mask over his nose and mouth while he slept. Though this may look a little silly, taking a snooze with your mouth wide open, (like many of us do), and breathing in air from another passenger close by who has been sneezing and coughing during your blissful sleep, can increase your chances of getting sick.

Travel Advice


– Have you ever had a fear of flying, and if so, how did you overcome your fear?

– If confined spaces make you feel uncomfortable, what helps you feel at ease when flying?

– How do you best pass the time when you’re stuck in the middle seat between two strangers for a long flight?

Photos: Justin Mrusek | @justinmrusek



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  • Reply Kate May 4, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    I usually travel with children which makes things a lot more interesting but my kids love flying I’m the one that’s not a big fan. I think the hardest part is just the looks you get when getting on with kids…even though my kids are usually great for a flight it still doesn’t help the whole mood when people are snappy and rude towards you and your kids! I love the noise cancelling headphones I so need those for everyone around me when my kids start quoting the movies they’re watching or singing haha thanks for always keeping it so real! These posts make my day!! Xo

  • Reply Rachael Bosse July 14, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    When I’m stuck by strangers, I usually just throw in a pair of earbuds and listen to my iPod. Falling asleep usually comes just after that!

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