November 30, 2015

For a gal that’s continually on the road, temporarily living on a tour bus or flying to a new city overnight, having the perfect handbag is crucial! Cindy Kirk, a family friend of ours growing up in Idaho, has turned a beautiful craft into a passionate career. Cindy’s rooted love for leather, early eye for fashion and creative niche in stitching has given her the tools to design the ideal handbag.

Each of her bags are hand-stitched, and uniquely made, as no two designs are the same. With sizes ranging from small to large, cross-body to tote, she has created a style and size for just about any occasion. For those long days driving into town, I prefer to carry my large tote, as it fits everything I’ll need for the day. Though, if her passion and commitment weren’t enough, Cindy also donates 10% of every sale to the following charities:

The love she has for her craft is easy to see, as she has a deep appreciation for each bag that she’s stitched with love. To see more of Cindy’s handbags, check out her website at .

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Cindy Kirk brown leather handbag

Cindy Kirk brown leather handbag

Cindy Kirk grey handbag



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