December 4, 2015

The Gift Guide For HimGive him a gift you know he’ll love… and use!

Christmas isn’t about giving him a lavish and completely overpriced item he might use for a month only for it to find its way to the garage, lost among the other tools and toys he no longer has interest in.  This Christmas look for the gifts that you know he’ll love and continue to use even after the holidays.

One gift I know I can NEVER go wrong with is MyPakage underwear, after Tyler tired them for the first time he threw away all the other underwear in his closet! He loved it so much he gifted all of his groomsmen a custom Hubba Hubba wedding pair, they too fell in love. All of the groomsmen, as well as other friends of ours who have tried them swear up and down that they’re the best underwear they’ve EVER had. In an interview with The Knot Magazine, Tyler explained, “Never knew a gift could go over so well and that all the guys could feel so confident in their package!” I guess I’ll just have to take their word for it.

Another favorite of Tyler’s is his Yeti mug, he uses it EVERY morning when we take our walk through the neighborhood. His coffee stays warm for hours… Literally hours. Lastly, Tyler never travels anywhere without his men’s manicure set. It might sound silly, but it’s something he never knew he needed or even wanted until my mother gifted it to him last year for Christmas.

So this year, gift items you know he’s going to love, need, and continue to use!

The Gift Guide:

Shades | MyPakage underwear | Custom pocket knife | Yeti tumbler

Ted Baker manicure set | Leather passport cover | Beats headphones | Phone cover


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