November 20, 2015

As much as we strive to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s especially difficult to stay on track when we’re on the road with friends and while traveling to play for the greatest fans! And these fans know all too well how to get…and keep the party going. Though, when we’re not traveling from one party city to the next, Tyler and I will enjoy a glass or two of wine with our meals at home or when out for an evening with friends. When I say glass or two, what I really mean is I’ll have a glass but leave 1/2 of it sitting on the table. We started adding up the amount of alcohol our poor bodies were consuming throughout a typical week between pre-show drinks, drinks during the show (though B.Cole and I usually have water in our solo cups), after show drinks, and then wine and cocktails on the nights we’re home and we decided it might be time to give our livers a breatherNot to mention, it seems like any type of social life usually involves “grabbing a drink.”

A month or so ago we decided it was time for a change, we decided we’d take on SOBER OCTOBER to cleanse our body and put us and our livers back on track. Whenever 5:00 rolled around and it felt like an opportune time for a glass of wine, we replaced that craving with water or green tea. By the end of the month, we had both lost weight without making any major changes to our diets or workout routine. Our skin was clear, and we felt better all around. It all sounds so cliché but I think Tyler and I could both agree that the most rewarding part about not drinking is the way we felt. We’re certainly not encouraging our Vogue Trippers who do enjoy the occasional cocktail or two to stop drinking altogether (no way, José). This was just a great experiment for us. I think what surprised us the most was how easy it was to not drink once we made the mental commitment. There was one night I asked T if we could have just one glass of wine after a long day. His response, “But we kissed on it that we wouldn’t for the whole month.” Needless to say, I’m thankful for that sweet accountability. Looking ahead to the holiday season, we thought we would share how we plan to stay on track and feeling good here at the Hubbard household.

A tip from the Hubbard’s: We strive to live in moderation and balance, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. Pick two nights a week to have 1 or 2 cocktails of your choice. However, choose those nights wisely and try not to pick back to back. Clearly I chose a couple days on the cruise and one night last week at our friend’s wedding (so worth it, but we definitely felt pretty foggy in the days following the excessive celebrating). We’re not saying anyone needs to stop drinking altogether, but that balance is key, that’s why our goal is to keep up the momentum we gained in October. Decide for yourself a plan that is right for you, set your goals and see them through and let us know how it turns out!

Happy holidays


Xx, H

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  • Reply Jessica Dunbar November 20, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    I love this blog post! After a summer of boating I began to have the same realization. Although my “drink” nights tend to be back to back (Fri&Sat or Sat&Sun) I made a commitment to cleanse during the week and its amazing the little changes you see when cutting back and how much more you enjoy it when you do indulge with the girls or your hubby!

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