My Winter Vice : VINCE.

February 22, 2015

Some things in life are worth waiting for: the right guy, the right career, also the right gear. Never once have I regretted a VINCE purchase. Even in college when my life was more paycheck-to-paycheck than it was plush… I went a month on quesadillas just so I didn’t have to go without that VINCE piece I had my eyes on. Best news yet: it is nearing the end of the winter season (please, dear God,) and these timeless pieces will be on sale! Hallelujah!


IMG_5336 IMG_5334 IMG_5337IMG_5435

Vince Black Sweater Jacket | Nieman marcus

Vince White Hooded Jacket | Bloomingdales

Bony Levy Triangle Diamond Pave Earrings | Nordstrom


Photography | Kailey Dickerson

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