My Fitness Confession:

August 3, 2015



Every night before bed I do 100 bicycle crunches + squats and leg lifts while brushing my teeth. It seems awkward at first, but I might as well pass the brushing time by toning my tush. You don’t need a gym or weights or a treadmill to get into shape and tone up…just your body and a little motivation. Get creative with your own body and movements and you’ll notice that every little move helps. Scroll down to see my new favorite activewear by Carbon 38 + the August Fitness Challenge we’re doing!





















All Activewear | Carbon38

Photography | Kailey Dickerson

Styled by | Marika Fedalen


30-day August Squat Challenge:

Thanks to B Cole finding an instagram post about a 30 day squat challenge, she’s now inspired all of us to join the fun.  It’s not too late to start, here’s how it works:

Start by doing 50 squats on Day 1 and follow this routine below until you reach 250 squats on the last day of the month.  Don’t worry, there’s a few days of rest thrown in there.  You, your significant other, and your booty will thank you for sticking to the routine by day 30.

IMG_2597 2

Happy Squatting!




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