June 1, 2016
So, after our last post on wedding advice, I received a few questions and thought I would follow up with an extra continued advice post. The following tips are just a few of the many notable details I learned from our wedding planner, Brooke, during our wedding planning, and a few things I picked myself during the planning process.
For Travel Destinations
Think about where your destination is, what the climate is like, and what you would need after a long day of traveling to this destination.
For us, it was extremely helpful to have a ‘Welcome Party’ the day before the wedding, which is essentially a rehearsal dinner that everyone was welcome to attend. It was a great way to socialize with everyone the night before so that we could enjoy dancing away the night on our wedding evening without having to feel the need to socialize the whole night. Also, one huge hit that was at our welcome party and out during cocktail hour at the wedding was our corn hole boards. They were a huge success and were a lot of fun, especially for the guys!
Hubbard wedding guest book
Hubbard wedding reception
Hubbard wedding corn hole boards
Things you don’t want to forget on your wedding day…
Emergency Kits
Months in advance you can plan for this and order in bulk from Amazon. We ordered the following items for emergency kits in the bathrooms at the wedding for guests to use:
Girl’s Powder Room
– A candle for the bathroom – We used our fave Diptyque Baies Candle
– Mini mouthwashes
– Bobby pins (light and dark colored)
– Hair ties
– Mints
– Gum
– Oil blotting pads
– Deodorant
– Tide-to-go stain removers
– Safety pins
– Mini combs
Lip balm (We got married in a dry climate so we had lip balm everywhere!)
Guy’s Powder Room
– Deodorant
– Mints
– Gum
– Hair ties
– Mini mouthwashes
– Tide-to-go stain removers
– Mini combs
– Lip balm
Order a ton of cheap flip flops from Old Navy for the dance floor!  No one will remember what they look like, they’ll just remember how happy they were to get out of their heels.
Hubbard wedding - flip flops
Destination wedding arrival gift bags
– Gift bag with our wedding logo stamped on the front.
– Leather luggage tags with our wedding logo stamped into it. My dad personally stamped each and every luggage tag. So sweet! Inside the luggage tag was a printed note on our stationery saying, “Thank you for making the trip!”
– Matchbooks with our wedding logo
– Mini packs of Orbit Gum (something fresh for after traveling all day)
– Mini Altoid packets
Do Not Disturb door hanger that says, “Do not disturb, we danced the night away at the Hubba Hubba wedding.”
– BBQ Pop Chips
– Map of Sun Valley
– Itinerary for the next few days
– Bottled Fiji Waters
Hubbard wedding welcome bags
Hubbard wedding welcome bag
Hubbard wedding welcome bag
Hangover Kits
– Mini Advil packets
EBOOST energy powder (a.k.a. hangover cure)
– Chocolate
– Waters
Hubbard emergency kits
Cell Phone Check 
This was the most brilliant thing we did for our wedding. Tyler and I wanted this and Brooke reaffirmed that this would be the best thing to do. When guests arrived at our wedding, there were announcements that there would be a cell phone check. Everyone received a darling bag to check their phones in with. Each bag was numbered and was carefully watched over at a manned cell phone booth. Not only did we have to monitor photos being taken anyway, but we personally didn’t want any photos going up of us before we had a chance to see them or soak in our wedding day ourselves.  We wanted people to be FULLY PRESENT at our wedding and not let technology get in the way. There was no Instagramming at the dinner table, everyone was in conversation, laughing, and having a good time. Our wedding photos didn’t have anyone sticking their head awkwardly out in the aisle trying to get photos for their own personal Instagrams. Since of course we do live in an age where everyone wants a great photo, we had our amazing photographers, @the_grovers, bring an additional photographer to capture more candid moments of everyone on the dance floor. It’s amazing how much fun everyone has when phones aren’t constantly interrupting our good time. People still talk about how much fun it was to not have phones for a night!Hubbard wedding cell phone check bags
Hubbard Wedding
Don’t forget the following:
– A robe or outfit that you can get ready in.
– Your garter, and ladies you can easily find these on ETSY. Click HERE and HERE for some great choices.
Dress hangers – Not only for your dress, but your bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom.
Ring box – Although this is optional, Brooke found some darling boxes to keep our wedding rings in before the ceremony and for a few photos.
Hayley getting ready Personalized hangers for Hubbard wedding
Hubbard wedding - Hayley's studded shoes
Ring boxes for Hubbard wedding
Gift ideas for your bridesmaids & mother of the bride/groom
– Cute outfits or robes for bridesmaids to get ready in – Stone Cold Fox robes or Eberjy shorts and top or long tee.
Underclub so generously sent my bridesmaids and me a pair of undies from their bridal selection.
Robes for the mothers.
– Jewelry that you want your bridesmaids to wear. This may be a pair of earrings, a necklace, bracelets, or both.
– When I asked the girls to be my bridesmaids I had someone on ETSY make bangles. Each bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom received (1) bangle with the Sun Valley wedding destination coordinates and (1) bangle with the wedding date 7.1.2015.
– Nail polish color you’d like them to wear – We chose a neutral Essie color.
– A favorite lip gloss to wear for the wedding.
Lip Balm to stay hydrated during this busy time.
– Hubba Hubba tanks, (Free Your Heart Apparel made these for us, and I’m still so obsessed).
– Mini toothbrush and toothpaste kit for freshening up before the wedding.
The Dry House Nashville donated blowout gift certificates.
The Sweat House Nashville gift certificates.
Hubbard wedding - Bridesmaids gift bag
Underclub undies for the bridal party
Something one of my maids of honor, (Yes, I had two and yes, that’s okay because it’s your wedding and you can do whatever you want!) ordered Personalized M&M’s with our photo, wedding date and a wedding ring on them. SO CUTE! We’re still eating them a year later. Oops.
Wedding Party Outfits
Your wedding planner will advise you to start this process right away, but in case they don’t, make sure you start looking for (your dress, obviously) bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits.  These things take time to order and receive. Decide what look you want and start searching sites like NordstormBella Bridesmaids, BHLDN – Anthropology’s Bridal lineAmsale and Love Shack Fancy. Something fun my friend April did was find a variety of black dresses for her bridesmaids to choose from on They each had a unique, but different version of a long black dress. As for bridesmaids shoes, this is not an area you need to be picky unless the shoes will be showing. I just said to wear a nude open toe heel. **If the ceremony will be in the grass, be sure to make your bridesmaids aware of this so they can wear a wedge.
For Groomsmen, you must spell this out for them. We ordered all of our groomsmen outfits from Nordstrom.  I wanted a very neutral look so we ordered these linen pants + vests + white linen shirts.  Be specific about what shoe you want the men to wear, and have them send you a confirmation when things are ordered and altered so you can check that off of your mental list of things you no longer have to worry about.
We were fortunate enough to have Gina Ketchum, Tyler’s stylist, order his outfit and have it fitted! They decided since I wasn’t going to show Tyler my dress, then he wasn’t going to show me his outfit. Clever 🙂
** Remind the wedding party to have items steamed or pressed before the big day. To be on the safe side, our wedding planner had someone come to the wedding party house the day before to steam everyone’s clothes. The $100 that it cost was worth not having to wonder if people would remember to steam or press their outfit, especially after travel.
Appropriate Undergarments
This is for girls and guys – But typically girls are much more aware of this so guys if you have light colored pants do us all a favor please and wear light colored boxers. Just in case guys in our wedding forgot this little detail, we had MyPakage Underwear as part of the groom gift. Also, ladies be sure to give the guys clear directions on exactly what to order/wear. Do this and repeat 10 times over if need be.  Lastly, bring an extra undershirt in case you get sweaty during photos and it’s hot outside.
MyPakage underwear the Hubbard wedding
Hubbard wedding - Kennith Cole shoes for the guys
– Mini toothbrush and toothpaste kit to freshen up before the wedding.
– Personalized engraved antler knives, (we had an antler theme throughout the wedding, so we chose these. There are so many Etsy options for groomsmen gifts).
MyPackage underwear with our antler wedding logo (light gray so they wouldn’t show through the light linen pants).
– Tyler got the boys personalized Jack Daniels bottles. Etsy sells stickers to put on a regular Jack Daniels bottle. They also have wine labels, etc.).
Hubbard wedding groomsman gifts
Groomsman personalized knives for Hubbard wedding gift
Groomsman gift for Hubbard wedding
Bride and Groom Gift
Don’t forget to find something special for your bride or groom. Ladies, you might have to remind your groom a month or two in advance that this is a wedding tradition.  Don’t feel rude or awkward reminding them.  Men don’t speak in hints.
Tyler’s Tips (Here are a few noteworthy tips Tyler thought you guys should know)
– Fellas, don’t pick up your suit the day before and especially not the day of. You want to make sure everything fits right.
– Before the wedding & when getting ready stay away from the hard liquor. A case of beer will be just fine for the boys!
– Save some time for prayer – BK said a prayer for the guys before heading to the ceremony.
Hubbard wedding - The guys cheers to Tyler before the ceremony
Hubbard wedding - Guys praying before the ceremony
Bride and bridesmaids
You will probably be getting ready most of the day; this means you will need:
– Lunch
– Water! Tons of water!
– Healthy snacks
– Champagne or wine (optional)
– Appropriate undergarments – (Variety of nipple covers and bras. Bring all options, you never know what you’ll need. Nude underwear, but we recommend commandos). Put someone in charge of making sure there are extra nipple covers, and the emergency kit).
– Emergency kit – (Sewing kit, Tide-to-go stain remover, high heel plastic covers for weddings in the grass).
– We decided to have a masseuse on site for mini massages for mothers of bride/groom and bridesmaids/groomsmen.  This was not necessary, but was SO FUN!
– Make a hair/makeup schedule (your wedding planner will do this), but this makes for a relaxing and well organized, hassle-free, stress-free day.
– My parents were sweet enough to stock the wedding party’s house full of snacks before their arrival. Snacks included: hummus, vegetables, pretzels, Justin’s organic peanut butter, mini splits of champagne for everyone, beer, wine, fruit, and of course cheese (my weakness).
– Save time for a prayer or worship that’s important to you. My dear friend Kailey Dickerson said a powerful and heartfelt prayer with all of the girls, moms, and grandmothers before heading to the ceremony.
– My dear bridesmaids also made sure to take my phone and handle any necessary texts the day of the wedding. I didn’t realize what a weight that lifted from me!
– Keep your lipstick, gloss, and phone in a purse for your wedding planner or someone to have on hand throughout the night. This was clutch.
Hayley and her bridesmaids
Hubbard wedding - The girls pray over Hayley before the ceremony
Hubbard wedding - The girls pray over Hayley before the ceremony
Note to brides
Keep your wedding party in the loop with emails leading up to the wedding. The more informed they are, the less stress and anxiety there is the day of the wedding (and the less text messages you need to answer). Plus, then everyone’s not wondering what’s going on.  Your wedding planner will also send emails to the wedding party, but you may want to resend a schedule or any other details you want your girls/guys to be aware of. **Also, if you would like there to be a dress code don’t be afraid to be assertive. If you would like guests to wear colors from a color scheme that goes with your wedding colors, be sure to put that on the invitation.
Hubbard wedding group photo
Hubbard wedding venue
Lastly, I couldn’t have done this or pulled it off as smoothly without our amazing wedding planner, Brooke Keegan and her team, as well as all of our fantastic vendors.

Photography: The Grovers | Instagram: @the_grovers @aimeegrover  @troygrover

Wedding Planner: Brooke Keegan Special Events | Instagram: @brookekeegan

Linens: La Tavola Linens | Instagram: @latavolalinen

Stationary: Jen Simpson Design | Instagram: @jensimpsondesign

Floral/Decor: ISARI Flower Studio + Event Design by Tam Ashworth | Instagram: @tamashworth

Video: Artisan Productions | Instagram: @artisanproduction

DJ: Jon Brown | Instagram: @jonbrownisamazing

Lighting: AK Johnston Productions | Instagram: @akjohnstongroup

Hair: Ali Ryan The Dry House Nashville | Instagram: @thedryhousenashville

Makeup: Britt Davis | Instagram: @britt_davis_beauty

Dress: Monique L’huillier | Instagram: @moniquelhuillier

Rentals: Signature Party Rentals | Instagram: @sigpartyrentals@thetentmerchant

Wedding Venue: Trail Creek | Instagram: @sunvalley



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  • Reply Kate June 1, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Wow! Ok so I’ve been so bummed about my wedding being cancelled the month prior but holy cow I’m almost happy after this post! I would have been so stressed!! This is a post I will definitely save for if that time ever comes back around!! Did you truly enjoy the destination aspect? Not only you and Tyler but for your guests? I feel like it makes it so hard for everyone but this post makes it seem so smooth and simple! And you made the whole post with the cheese part…cheese is life haha (I’m a Wisconsin girl though haha) anyways thanks for another fantastic post!! The prayer pictures from both bride and groom were incredible!! So powerful!

  • Reply Beth Bonina June 1, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    What great ideas for wedding planning! I love the idea of a “cell phone check”! I agree that it is important to specify on the invitation how the guests should dress. My wedding was “black tie” on a Saturday night in Manhattan, and everyone looked amazing in the photos! I also agree that it is important to provide guests who have traveled long distances with a “goody bag”. Because my wedding was in NYC, we provided subway maps, a guide to taking taxis (at the time I was the Chief Judge at NYC’s “taxi court” and felt it was important), Eleni’s cookies in the shapes of an apple (NYC is the “big apple”) and a taxicab, and other NYC-themed items.

    Also, because my husband and I were married just six weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we had to re-assure out of town guests that New York City was safe. That was hard! Our wedding reception was at the Yale Club, just across from Grand Central, and there were soldiers with machine guns stationed everywhere. We provided secure transportation for our guests to our church and back to the Yale Club, with off-duty police officers on board the buses, so everyone would feel comfortable and safe.

  • Reply Sierra June 2, 2016 at 1:44 am

    Did you get pre wedding jitters? Mine is in 3 months and I get tell if their normal or if I may be settling. It’s the what if, you know? I feel better if this happens to everyone!

  • Reply Sierra June 2, 2016 at 1:45 am

    Ok my tablet auto corrected everything…. I promise I am not illiterate.

  • Reply Lisa June 3, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Great tips for the groomsmen! I was struggling a little with them, so these were helpful to me. It’s hard to pull off the neutral theme but you did it well; and all the little details you added were on point! So beautiful 🙂

  • Reply Barbara Justice June 4, 2016 at 12:55 am

    Hayley, you continue to inspire with your wonderful wedding ideas. The “phone check” is the best! My next novel will have a celebrity wedding scene, and I’ll have to include that in it – and give credit to you in the acknowledgements, of course! The prayer photos were stunning, and brought tears to my eyes. Your wedding was truly beautiful…

  • Reply ash November 10, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Thanks for the information!

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