Irish Whisked Away

March 10, 2015

It may seem like a ton of exploration and adventure happens on the road, but the truth of the matter is that we rarely get to see outside of the venue before we get back on the bus and drive through the night to another city. Our days off are our adventure days, aka: my favorite days. After their final show on the European tour in Dublin, we set out for The Whelan Pub to celebrate. With laughs and libations to be shared, we raised our glasses and celebrated with an old college friend, our hard working FGL fam + Luke and Caroline and most of their crew.

Among the sights to be seen that night were a couple making out for hours, literally hours at the bar; as well as Tyler making buddies with our Taxi Driver. We learned new phrases that should never be repeated, played along as the driver yelled at bikers, and were told what he thought of FGL. “Whatever the Florida, the Georgia Line is, it sounds like a disease I don’t want to catch.” Tyler responded in his jovial southern accent, “Well, I think a lot of people already caught it…” They were hugging and taking pictures together before the ride was over, like a cute lil’ Irish family.  One thing the taxi driver did have figured out was that, “Everyday is a school day,” which he kept repeating. We now find ourselves repeating that motto in our own every day lives.

We had officially stepped into the vacay portion of the trip in Dublin—no where to be, and no one to see. We explored with BK & B.Cole through the Glendalough & Wicklow Mountains National Park just outside of the city. BK drove on the other side of the road and everything. What a trip —in every way! As we were winding through the mountains I was overcome with emotion thinking of all God has given us to enjoy. I was breathing in one of the most beautiful sights. The mountains were so different than the mountains in the States. They rounded from one to another, like gigantic hills. The peace and rest we felt just looking at them made us want to sit and stare all day. There’s nothing else I wanted in that moment. I was seeing the world with the best man in it right beside me.

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Whelan Pub | Dublin

Carluccio’s | Italian

The Marker Hotel | Dublin

iPhoneography | Hayley + B.Cole + BK


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  • Reply Veronica S March 15, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Lovely. I love Ireland and Dublin!

  • Reply Missy B. March 17, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    I love seeing your journey through Europe! It’s like we get to experience it right there with you. Please keep the updates coming!!

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