November 25, 2015

“Along my journey I’ve learned that the more thankful I am, the more I have to be thankful for.”

Giving thanks isn’t just for the holiday season, thankfulness is something we should strive to  practice daily. Tyler and I try our best to be mindful of making this a part of our daily routine as each new day is just one of the many reasons we are thankful.

In giving thanks and this being the time of year where giving back is often brought to our attention, we’ll share with you how we plan to give back, as well as a few ways you can too! Every year, Tyler and I, along with friends enjoy volunteering at the Nashville Rescue Mission, having warm conversations while giving our time to those in our community.

Often, we discover that the greatest blessings come from serving others.

We feel it’s important to give back not only in our local community, but nationally and in developing countries. Visit or to locate volunteer opportunities in your area. Also, shop the following links to organizations that donate the profits from your purchase to a charity or cause.

Donate to A Cause

Feeding America

Second Harvest Food Bank

Salvation Army

Shop Companies That Give Back


The Giving Keys

DIFF Eyewear

31 Bits

Lyfe Tea | through the month of November


Give thanks, and be a blessing to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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