European Country-side

March 7, 2015

Europe is goin’ country! Luke Bryan, Lady A, Aldean, Kip and more of our country friends have made an American invasion across the pond! So far we have been to Sweden, Norway, and Scotland.  The European fans bring so much energy after they realize it’s appropriate to make noise while people are singing…then they let loose and have fun even if they don’t know what all of the lyrics are verbatim. Pure joy is all you see on their faces as they sing along with their great accents. B. Cole and I really get a kick out of watching it all.  These countries are exploding with charm and character! Between the detailed architecture, cobblestones, and alleyways, it feels like we are walking in the pages from stories of the past.

My fave moments and places so far have been:

Stockholm, Sweden: Tyler and I went to a workout class just up the street from our hotel the day we arrived. We try to be active in some form or fashion every day. This class was by far one of the most hilarious experiences in my life. We aren’t exactly well-versed in Swedish, so the only word we recognized was “plank,” which sounded like “plonk.” It was one of those moments like when you were in church as a kid, and you weren’t supposed to laugh, and it only made you laugh harder —it was like that.

Before the show that night, Tyler was warming up his vocals in the dressing/shower room, he had his headphones in and he didn’t realize the showers were motion activated. He took an unexpected cold shower, fully clothed, just before the show! Maybe we could blame it on the jet lag, but Sweden feels like one big slap happy blur.

  • Favorite Restaurant: The Flying Elk Pub. It was trendy, had great moscow mules and fish & chips. What else could you want?! Word of caution: The Swedes are into raw herring (eek!)

Oslo, Norway: This city is so charming and chic! One of my favorite moments was my midnight walk with Tyler around the city. It was one of those moments you think, “there is no way this is real life.” I love our late night walks. It is a rare time to catch up and get each other’s undivided attention. We can’t quit saying to one another how lucky we are to be able to do life together. The things we have done, seen, and experienced together have been blessings I’ll never know what I did to deserve.

  • Favorite Restaurant: Olivia. It was recommended by Cassie Kelley, duh. It is authentic Italian food with a very vibey, modern, and elegant setting. It was just what the doctor ordered for BK, B. Cole, Tyler, and myself.

Glasgow, Scotland: We landed in Scotland, just in time to celebrate our friend Justin’s birthday, and we celebrated indeed! We went straight for a local pub. It was as cozy and quaint as you would imagine. I’m not normally a beer girl, but I was loving their Scottish beer and steak pie! Did I mention it happened to be trivia night? There were dance offs won by BK & B. Cole, Wiz Khalifa on repeat, and a dared T.Hubb on the bar… purring like a kitty cat.  After countless toasts, and making friends with the locals, we finally walked ourselves home at 3 am, just in time for pizza and one of our late night talks with the Kelleys across the hallway from us.

  • Favorite Restaurant | Pub: The Butterfly and the Pig. I’ll never pass up this perfect little pub next time we are in Glasgow! Greatfind, Tom!

Next stop London!

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The Flying Elk |

Olivia |

The Butterfly & The Pig |

iPhoneography | Hayley

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  • Reply Veronica S March 15, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    It was a blast that y’all came to Oslo. And thanks for the nice words about the capital of Norway. Next time, honestly, come visit Bergen. That is by far the most beautiful city in Norway.

    Hahaha..that work out class sounded awsome, Swedish is one funny language;)

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