December 18, 2015

Earlier this week, like most mornings I sat quietly in my kitchen nook, sipping my morning coffee. I was scrolling through emails while mentally running through my list of unfinished Christmas shopping. I was just about finished with my coffee and was wrapping up my emails when I came across one that Tyler had forwarded on to me. I clicked the email open, and there on the screen was an inspiring and touching story from a close friend of ours. His message was so inspirational to us that I felt guided to share it with you.

“The last few years I‘ve gotten into doing something that has made Christmas feel like Christmas.” – Craig Wiseman

Walmart has a holiday layaway system in place that allows families to pay for Christmas gifts a little bit at a time. Though this is a wonderful system, sadly, many families are unable to fulfill the payments in time for Christmas.

That’s where the Good Samaritan or Christmas Angel comes in.

Each Christmas, Craig and his wife KK would call or make their way to the local Walmart and head straight for the layaway counter. One-by-one they begin fulfilling the payments of gifts that are not yet complete.

“I told her I was interested in mainly toys and family layaways and asked if she would mind going through them and I’d pay them. And so it began.

She would say, ‘here’s one for Barbie dolls and board games etc….. Looks like they only made one payment, don’t think they are gonna make it. 154 dollars outstanding’

Boom! Gave her my credit card info and we were off!

4 bicycles, 123 bucks……. Girls and boys clothes and dolls, 228 bucks, One princess dress, 36 bucks……

I think I did about 15 that day.” – Craig

At this point in reading through the email, I had tears in my eyes. Tyler and I knew what we would be doing that evening. Craig and his wife weren’t looking for a “thank you”, or for someone to shower them with praise for this kind act. They simply did this for the true meaning of Christmas.



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  • Reply Craig Wiseman December 19, 2015 at 12:33 am

    The thing about this year??? I had sent out my letter encouraging friends to do the wal mart thing. I had found out layaways closed dec 14 th. So I called that morning only to find that they could not close layaways unless you were there in person. The Walmart I chose was in Mcminnville, 2 hours away. I had to have oral surgery that day so I thought I was going to miss it. But then Tyler called that night SO pumped from just paying some off. He was literally hollering with joy on the phone! It was 5 Til 9 pm. I called the Mcminnville Walmart to see what I could do. My girl got the manager on the phone and he said he would hold the layaways open for me and I decided to drive out Tuesday morning and closed out ALL of the family and toy layaways. That happened because Tyler, who was inspired by me…. Turned around and inspired me to push to make it happen. And now????? Our talking about how cool it was has lead at least 5 of our friends to go do it as well!!!
    Thank you Tyler. And thank you Haley
    It’s beginning to feel a lot like a heart full of Christmas!
    May God Bless these families and bless us all with open eyes and open hearts.

    Merry Christmas


  • Reply Stephanie Atkins December 22, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    What a blessing y’all have been for these families! What an inspiration y’all are for all of us! Thank you for bringing this story to us & reminding everyone what it means to care for others first.
    I try to teach my students & my granddaughter the importance of giving back & doing for others. Most of my students have very little but I teach them that they don’t need money to be a blessing to someone and every year we do a service project to give back & to help others.
    May God bless you every single day!

  • Reply Rachael Bosse July 25, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    That is one of the coolest, sweetest things I’ve ever heard! May God continue to bless you always! ❤

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