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August 20, 2015

Every girl dreams of a dewy, glowing complexion. We all want the kind of skin that doesn’t need makeup, doesn’t show signs of damage, or any trace of our teenage years. That’s exactly what I told the girls at Karee Hays Esthetics that I wanted and to be honest—I thought it was a long-shot. I was wrong. My skin did a complete 180 in just two weeks by following my KH skin regimen.

3 things that I’ve done to bring my skin back to beautiful with the help of my girls at KH

  1. Dermaplane – Shaving my face once or twice weekly. Say what? No really. The cell turnover and exfoliation will leave your skin more glowing and radiant than you ever thought possible. Right now you’re probably hearing that voice saying “But it grows back thicker!” It doesn’t. And it totally isn’t about the hair, your skin will look and feel unbelievable. A simple men’s Gillette 2 blade razor will do. Just trust me on this one….and yes, if you were wondering, my husband and I have been known to shave our faces at the same time. So romantic. Watch this tutorial video on dermaplaning here.
  2. High Frequency – I bought this machine after having it done at KH and I am obsessed. I simply run it over my skin and it produces more collagen and kills bacteria. I use it a couple of times a week on the road or at home. Get yours here.
  3. Follow the Karee Hays skin regimen and products religiously. The results I saw in the first week of my regimen made me a believer in these products immediately. It didn’t take the usual 4-6 weeks, who has time to wait that long? Not me!

It can be overwhelming at a spa or salon when you’re being sold on product upon product that may not even produce great results. Not to mention, it can add up rather quickly.  When I was in KH, they weren’t competing for commission or keeping their secrets to themselves. They were actually telling me DIY ways to do it at home. For example, did you know baking soda + your cleanser will give you a great exfoliator? And they encourage you to use over the counter cleansers from Walgreens like CeraVe or Cetaphil. Isn’t this the best news?!

Learning about Karee Hays from Kady Decker (Owner of Pure Barre in Nashville) is the best thing that has ever happened to me…and my skin! For the first time, I can put my best face forward and have genuine confidence in my own skin.

Get glowing ladies!

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KAREE HAYS | NASHVILLE  |  615.383.5053


Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!



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