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July 18, 2015

First comes the venue, second comes the dress, third comes the diet. Isn’t that how every girls wedding prep looks? I had countless people ask what I did to get in shape for the best day of my life and here is my tell all. Nothing. And by nothing, I mean nothing new. I feel like I hit my stride with fitness and nutrition in the last couple of years and maintaining that has really changed my life. Of all the things I have learned and applied to my life, the most impactful things have been: balance, moderation and consistency.

Balance: If you placed your time off of work on a scale would it fall more on pleasure or purpose? I think one of my greatest aspirations is equalizing those two. I love to have a good time but I also love to be intentional. If you aren’t deliberate with your physical activity it will be delayed and delayed until you sit there and think “What happened to me?” I plan at least 30 minutes of physical activity into my day, everyday. I alternate more intense work outs with walks & stretching to keep it fresh and well-rounded. I have found that if I treat that 30 minutes like a scheduled coffee date with a friend, I won’t miss it!

Moderation: The old saying of “Everything in moderation” has really rung true in my life. When it comes to diet, this is my golden rule. I aim for 6-7 small meals each day. I don’t do Atkins, juice fasts, or special shakes, I just try and eat as fresh and raw as I possibly can. I shop the perimeter of the grocery store to stick to my fresh produce, meat, and essentials. Avoid processed sugary foods, cereals, and breads in the middle aisles. If I keep up with little meals, it keeps me from that late night dial to Dominoes… Whoops! But when you keep up with this lifestyle, a little splurge here and there won’t do damage, nor will a little dessert.

Consistency: When it comes to getting into shape I have pretty much tried it all: Trainers, Barry’s Bootcamp, Pilates, HotBox, Yoga, Turbo Kick Boxing, Pure Barre, running, you name it! But what trumps all of that? Consistency. Find a workout that you enjoy and stick to it, switch it up, whatever keeps you motivated! Take advantage of this time during the day when you are doing something just for yourself and no one else.  There are no shortcuts. The Pay off will be worth it and you will feel unstoppable.

At the end of the day, find out what your body responds to well. Mine happens to respond well to Yoga, Pure Barre, Walking, Pilates, and an occasional trip to the Sweat House in Nashville. All things I love to do! I would just encourage you to stick to balance, moderation and consistency. Once you do, you can actually enjoy the days leading up to your wedding, vacations or last minute pool parties. As a recovering chubby kid, I am here to tell you that sweating every day and staying away from the sugar and cheese platter will take you further than you ever thought possible.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Learn your body and what it likes and doesn’t like.
  • Drink TONS of water.
  • Listen to your body and not your cravings
  • Eat RAW unprocessed foods
  • Low fat only means extra sugar, stay away
  • Only take advice from people you want to look like.




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