September 25, 2015

Somebody pinch me because this week had to be a dream!

I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable and truly delightful birthday week, especially being my first as Mrs. Hubbard! Given the opportunity to share several sweet celebrations and intimate gatherings with my closest friends and family has me feeling beyond blessed. Tyler and I started off my birthday week this past Thursday with a wonderful Hubbard family night hosted by Tyler’s mom and sister (both of whom I ADORE! – I so lucked out with in-laws!)

After an amazing night, I was then surprised Friday morning to find that Tyler had cooked a beautiful and delicious breakfast for the two of us, and oh can he cook! Following our wonderful breakfast, we enjoyed a private yoga session at the house, and then, in typical Tyler- fashion, a motorcycle ride to Percy Warner Park for an afternoon hike. Ending the day was a perfectly planned date night at the house.

Saturday was filled with rest and relaxation, playing house and opening a good book. I’ve been reading The Body Book, which Tyler and I have been obsessing over lately. Sunday we began the day with Church at Crosspoint, and a delicious brunch afterwards at 5th and Taylor with friends!

Finishing out this wonderful week was Monday’s massages at the house, a full day of playing on the farm like kids with friends, just before a final gathering + dinner at Moto. I can’t even begin to express how amazing the evening was as the night was full of fun and laughter with roughly 60 of our closest friends and family. The night was simply amazing thanks to the service, the venue, the food, the Photo Booth, and the 100 mini cupcakes from Karen (our amazing assistant!) My birthday cake, from Frosted Affair, was STUNNING and absolutely delicious. I’ve never had such a beautiful birthday cake nor a more difficult time blowing out the candles! In addition to the cake, the room was elegantly decorated with GORGEOUS flowers that were gifted by Birchwood Creative, a unique florist in Nashville that I absolutely love!

However, the best part of my week was simply being surrounded by all of my incredible friends and family. It truly makes my heart happy to have such an amazing group of friends. Plus, having most of them all in one place is a rare occasion, as much of our time is spent away from home. I’m so thankful for everyone who made this wonderful evening possible and my birthday week so special!

5th and TaylorMoto – Birchwood Creative Nashville Florist Frosted Affair

Photography by – The Grovers

My Stone Cold Fox Birthday Suit –

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